How do I cancel my reservation?

We accept cancellations of your reservations from our website until the day before the day of your reservation.

To cancel your reservation, access the “Reservation History” tab, located on the top right corner.
In the “Reservation History”, you will see a list of your past reservations.
Please look for the restaurant you would like to cancel your reservation and press the “Cancel Reservation” button.

Once we have received your request and confirmed with the restaurant, the “Reservation Status” will change to “Reservation Complete”.

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    Dear Shun No Aji ICHI and Pocket Concierge.

    I am very sorry but I must cancel my reservation for Friday, 5/13 at 8:30 pm for 4 people at Shun No Aji ICHI.  
    I received and email confirming the reservation-- but the reservation is not listed in
    my account with Pocket Concierge.  I am not clear how I should CANCEL this reservation.
    Please confirm the cancellation. Thank you
    Lynn Passy


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